Become A Home Owner!! Whilst Renting!!!

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Wouldn’t it just be so good to get a home for rent but become an owner of it over time? That is just a good thing after being the owner of the same home you paid rent for.So, if you are looking for a home to buy, you must try out Pay Rent 2 Buy scheme to become the owner whilst renting.

This is a scheme offered to all people out there, who want to rent to own agreement. It is a scheme that offers you the following: Benefits-

  1. A right to buy but not an obligation
  2. You get the home on rent for a fixed price today
  3. You become the owner of it at an agreed time in future

Are you looking to move to Spain? All those sunny beaches and super-light homes are waiting for you. But don’t think of renting a home there when you can rent and be the homeowner given time. You get this opportunity to rent with the option to buy the home in the near future, and you will enjoy living there as you want.

IF you are not a buyer but want to Sell your home. then here are your benefits:

  • You get a guaranteed full asking price
  • Quicker sale time s.
  • Guaranteed in 90 days
  • ZERO commissions

When you are a buyer, you get the following benefits:

  • No larger deposits
  • No banks are required
  • Interest-FREE!
  • No Qualifying Needed

Once you plan to do this, to-day right now,  here is an offer for you:

Two and three-bed apartments in the town of San Miguel. A fully refurbished 3 storey blocks, with the Pool, top floor. It is furnished to make the   move into it right away.

  • At 600 Euros, monthly on 5 yr. Term = 60 months = 36,000 Euros
  • The Balance on 2 beds is….74,000 Euros!
  • On the 3bed is 89,000 Euros.
  • 600 Euros Secures!!
  • Plus, the 1st monthly payment

These are some of the top options for being an owner whilst renting. You can become the owner of the home you rent and enjoy the perks of a smooth and happy life. This rent with the option to buy will be a very wise thing for your future, and you will see its benefits real soon.

You will be given a home rental agreement to confirm your rental property and will soon be the owner of it. Now you don’t need to be looking for homes for sale or homes for rent, and you can stop the search and contact us at Pay Rent 2 Buy to confirm the next property you will own over time.

Just pay rent and trust the process to soon be the owner of your new home in a sunny neighborhood in Spain. You will be the owner whilst renting your new home, and it would be just the best thing you ever did.

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